CCJ Corner: CCJ Rules In Gas Station Dispute

Feizal Mohamed Amin v Guyana Oil Company Ltd [2014] CCJ 10(AJ)

By Kara Graham: Norman Manley Law School

Mr. Feizal Mohamed Amin (‘Mr.Amin’), a gas station owner, had an agreement with Guyana Oil Company Ltd (‘Guyoil’), for Guyoil to supply him with petroleum and petroleum products. Guyoil claimed that between September 5 and September 28, 2005, Mr Amin failed to pay them for goods delivered to the value of GUY$101,280,423.

Mr Amin argued that he had paid all his debts to Guyoil and set out to challenge the accuracy of the alleged debt. In response Guyoil produced a letter written and signed by Amin in which he admitted that he owed Guyoil the sum of GUY$97,609,000 and would pay that sum as soon as possible. Mr Amin readily admitted that he did in fact write this letter, but he stated that it was written as a result of ‘economic coercion’. He argued that he was intimidated into signing the letter because Guyoil indicated that he would have to confess to some indebtedness if he were to continue receiving their products.

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CCJ Corner: CCJ Says No To Serial Litigation

Clyde Brown v Michelle Moore Griffith, Robin R. Moore, Basil R. Moore [2013] CCJ 6 (AJ), [2013] CCJ 12(AJ), [2014] CCJ 4 (AJ)

By Ivy O. Pitts: Norman Manley Law School

The case of Clyde Brown v Moore illustrates that an appeal does not mean ‘ask until you get what you want.’ Instead, in applications for special leave, the resources of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) are to be used by litigants who have a case that has some prospects of success.

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CCJ Corner: CCJ dismisses academic appeal

The CCJ Corner is an initiative of the Caribbean Court of Justice geared towards educating and informing the public of the court’s decisions by way of pithy, dynamic and easily understood case summaries. The summaries are written by students of the law schools throughout the region including students of the Norman Manley Law School. The Litigator will, from today, share those summaries.

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